infinity-healing-room-kalawnaMedical intuition
First I will draw your aura then scan your body. Looking at each organ and systems then analyzing what information comes up for you.  It is amazing how accurate this is been for my clients. Then It is recorded on to a CD  for your personal health review

Your experience
Assisting you to rebalance the body, mind and soul. The available guides will assist in your healing process and re-empower your life force energy. While reading your body we could explore addictions, sexual abuse, depression, low self-esteem and any physical problems you may hide in your body. In an easy and gentle way the patterns are observed then reprogram for happier days. This does not replace therapy, however,  it enhances your spiritual journey.  New positive programs will be anchored.  There are many guides, Angels and enlightened Masters who channel their healing through Kalawna to you.
People return yearly for their, 'souls tune-up'.

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