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The Supreme Court has an unusual amount of control over which cases it does and does not hear, and it’s unexpectedly shied away from a number of contentious cases this term. Indeed, a Commerce Department official “initially attempted to elicit requests for citizenship data from the Department of Homeland Security and DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review, neither of which is responsible for enforcing the VRA.” After these apparent efforts to convince another agency to give Commerce a pretextual reason to justify the citizenship question failed, Ross reached out to the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, which agreed to give Ross an (apparently fake) justification. Martha later worked as a prosecutor in the Maryland state attorney’s office and then as a state court judge, first with the District Court of Maryland and then with the Montgomery County Circuit Court. The newest member of the Supreme Court speaks loudest when they choose their friends. | Dennis Brack/Bloomberg via Getty Images ... Bio, facts, background and political … We know this because we know how he’s behaved on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh was in charge of the independent counsel’s investigation into allegations by far-right groups that Clinton and his wife had arranged the murder of deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster (the investigation concluded that Foster had committed suicide), and he later directed Starr’s detailed investigation into Clinton’s sexual relations with Lewinsky. Authors Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino report that Blasey Ford’s friend Leland Keyser did not believe her story and does not recall meeting Kavanaugh. Also, try to square those decisions with Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, which held that a business owned by conservative Christians may deny certain forms of health coverage to their employees if the owners object to that coverage on religious grounds. Yes! Similarly, the Supreme Court’s decision upholding Trump’s Muslim ban, as well as the decision holding that a Muslim inmate could not have spiritual counsel during his final moments, raise serious questions about the court’s commitment to equal treatment of people of all faiths. Activists from both political parties accordingly mobilized to contest Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Blasey Ford’s father, who along with Blasey Ford’s mother was noticeably absent from last year’s hearing, is reported to support Kavanaugh. Brett came from the right family. “What goes around comes around” is the real Brett Kavanaugh. Since Trump began reshaping the Supreme Court, however, there are now disturbing signs that the new majority isn’t just anti-democratic, it is also illiberal. He also recoiled from Neil Gorsuch’s effort to shut down an inquiry into the Trump administration’s effort to skew the census before that inquiry even happened. Welcome to “The Tuesday,” a weekly newsletter about language, culture, politics, and other things you can fight with your family about at Thanksgiving. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). After the Judiciary Committee voted to send Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate, Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell acceded to the request of Republican Senators Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski to delay the vote for one week while the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a supplemental investigation of the allegations—which was criticized as being unduly limited because of its failure to include interviews of key witnesses, including Ford and Kavanaugh themselves. “I might have been too emotional at times,” Brett admitted in the Wall Street Journal. During the late 1990s Kavanaugh also worked in private practice at the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis (1997–98 and 1999–2001), where Starr himself continued to be employed during part of his service as independent counsel. That is why the Democrats have responded so fiercely to nominations of conservatives to the bench, beginning with Judge Robert Bork in 1987. Nothing threatens the progressive project more than the existence of a Supreme Court that adheres to the Constitution. Yet, while Kavanaugh was perfectly willing to afford such extraordinary deference when the Republican Party stands to benefit, he hummed a very different tune in a case called Kisor v. Wilkie. One Supreme Court term later, Brett has a record. The Roberts court has long been a place where fair elections go to die. It tells us that, in the crucible of his entitled madness, we saw the real Brett. Circuit, he also taught part-time at Yale Law School, the Georgetown University Law Center, and Harvard Law School, where he was first hired by Elena Kagan, then dean of the school and subsequently an associate justice of the Supreme Court. From 1994 to 1997 and again in 1998, Kavanaugh served on the legal team of independent counsel Kenneth Starr, who led a years-long investigation of Democratic Pres. Seniority is currency within the court. They know the stakes. In January 2006 Bush again nominated Kavanaugh to the D.C. And it is why Ayanna Pressley, a member of the “Squad,” introduced a resolution to start an impeachment investigation. Following the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings, Republicans and Democrats agreed that Ford’s testimony had been “compelling” and “credible.” But members of the two parties disagreed about what next steps the committee should take. The one claiming that Trump’s agencies should be afforded such extraordinary deference that courts shouldn’t intervene even when the head of the agency lies. They now ... Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf ordered National Guardsmen to Philadelphia on Tuesday, following a night of riots that left 30 police officers injured and various businesses vandalized. “I know that my tone was sharp, and I said a few things I should not have said.”, “Going forward,” Brett promised, “you can count on me to be the same kind of judge and person I have been for my entire 28-year legal career: hardworking, even-keeled, open-minded, independent and dedicated to the Constitution and the public good.”. Accusations against him are “credible” simply because he is the target. Because Ford’s testimony described Kavanaugh as having been heavily inebriated at the time of the alleged attack, Kavanaugh’s drinking habits also became a topic of discussion and contention. Republicans countered that the committee had heard no evidence directly corroborating Ford’s claims and—likening the proceedings to a criminal trial—asserted that Kavanaugh should be presumed “innocent until proven guilty.”. Brett Kavanaugh, a Yale Law School graduate, cut his teeth under former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. It is why the media gave the accusation, heard by reporters secondhand, saturation coverage. Trump administration officials, in other words, decided what policy they wanted — a policy, it’s worth noting, that would skew U.S. House representation to benefit Republicans — shopped around for agencies willing to give them a legitimate-sounding reason to justify that policy, and then claimed that they were implementing the policy to help with voting rights enforcement because that’s the legitimate-sounding reason they were able to find. That’s a fundamentally illiberal decision. Indeed, when Trump’s political appointees aren’t actively trying to skew elections to benefit Republicans, both men seem to understand that those appointees sometimes behave with corrupt motives. He became one of six Roman Catholic justices on the Supreme Court, including four other conservative justices. In a liberal nation, those laws apply equally to members of the ruling party and the opposition party alike. In July 2018 Pres. Some Democrats on the committee charged that Kavanaugh’s denials had been untruthful and that those misrepresentations alone, because they amounted to perjury, should have disqualified him from the Court. NIFLA held, in other words, that abortion opponents have greater free speech rights than abortion providers. Despite the controversy, after four days of hearings it appeared that Kavanaugh was headed for a successful confirmation vote. The Kavanaugh controversy is not, as one reporter for the Washington Post described it, a “journalistic mishap.” It is a case of Democratic activists and lawmakers using journalists precisely as intended: as instruments of a political agenda. In a 5–3 decision, the Court declined to endorse a ... One week out, the contrasts are worth assessing. But the evidence in New York. Daddy Daycare Doesn’t Belong in American Politics, Confirming Justice Barrett Is the Opposite of Hypocrisy, The Dual Benefits of Attacking ACB on the ACA, NYC Progressives Call on Schumer to Expand Supreme Court or Be Held ‘Accountable’, It is impossible to separate the latest attack on Justice Brett Kavanaugh from the political strategy of the Democratic party. The facts of Department of Commerce v. New York are simply astonishing. Brett Kavanaugh, in full Brett Michael Kavanaugh, (born February 12, 1965, Washington, D.C., U.S.), associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 2018. But now she was here. In her testimony, Ford described the incident and answered questions from a female prosecuting attorney from Arizona, whom Republican senators on the committee had engaged to speak for them.

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