implementation of blowfish algorithm


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cryptography. of ECE Sree Buddha College of Engineering, Alappuzha Kerala ,India Abstract Blowfish is a symmetric key cryptographic algorithm.

download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio,

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endobj Blowfish is an encryption technique designed by Bruce Schneier in 1993 as an alternative to DES Encryption Technique. In: 2017 International conference on microelectronic devices, circuits and systems (ICMDCS), pp 1–5, Wan Z, Liu JE, Deng RH (2011) HASBE: a hierarchical attribute-based solution for flexible and scalable access control in cloud computing. 6 0 obj In: 2018 International conference on communication and signal processing (ICCSP), pp 1031–1035, Timothy DP, Santra AK (2017) A hybrid cryptography algorithm for cloud computing security. [250 0 408 0 0 0 0 180 333 333 0 564 250 333 250 278 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 278 278 0 0 0 0 0 722 667 667 722 611 556 722 722 333 389 722 611 889 722 722 556 0 667 556 611 722 722 944 722 722 0 333 0 333 0 500 0 444 500 444 500 444 333 500 500 278 278 500 278 778 500 500 500 500 333 389 278 500 500 722 500 500 444]

endobj Gangireddy, V.K.R., Kannan, S. & Subburathinam, K. Implementation of enhanced blowfish algorithm in cloud environment. In: 2010 International conference on biomedical engineering and computer science, pp 1–4, Sadiq NA, Abdullahi M, Rana N, Chiroma H, Dada EG (2018) Development of blowfish encryption scheme for secure data storage in public and commercial cloud computing environment.

This is an implementation of Blowfish Encryption Algorithm to gain the maximum performance on GPU. i-Manag J Cloud Comput 5:1, Schneider J, Harvan M, Schlegel R, Obermeier S, Locher T (2018) Encryption scheme using multiple parties. 14 0 obj 25 0 obj


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For more information, see our Privacy Statement. <> In IoT, all the devices are connected. It is a Feistel network, iterating a simple encryption function 16 times.

endobj Part of Springer Nature.

An efficient cryptographic algorithm “Blowfish” is selected based on several comparisons.

In: 2017 4th International conference on signal processing, computing and control (ISPCC), pp 349–355, Fan Y, Liu S, Tan G, Lin X, Zhao G, Bai J (2018) One secure access scheme based on trusted execution environment. Learn more.

The data is encrypted and stored in the cloud using blowfish encryption.

In: Biometric-based physical and cybersecurity systems. 36 0 obj endobj

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If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

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Blowfish is also one of the fastest block ciphers in public use, making it ideal for a product that functions on a wide variety of processors found in mobile phones as well as in notebook and desktop computers. endobj endobj 38 0 obj J Ambient Intell Hum Comput. 19 0 obj �o- endstream

Comparison of original and modified blowfish algorithm is done by implementing both in Xilinx Virtex-5 XC5VLX50T FPGA using Verilog HDL and found that modified algorithm is efficient than the original in terms of encryption time by 16.9% and throughput by 18.7%. I need a progam in C++ that implements the blowfish algorithm and can be used to encrypt and decrypt a text file. IEEE Trans Inf Forensics Secur 11:1265–1277, Xiong H, Zhang H, Sun J (2018) Attribute-based privacy-preserving data sharing for dynamic groups in cloud computing. <>

endobj [64 0 R] Clust Comput 21:277–286, Mudepalli S, Rao VS, Kumar RK (2017) An efficient data retrieval approach using blowfish encryption on cloud ciphertext retrieval in cloud computing. In: 2017 International conference on energy, communication, data analytics and soft computing (ICECDS), pp 2985–2990, Kumar N, Dash D (2019) Flow based efficient data gathering in wireless sensor network using path-constrained mobile sink.


<> Divide plaintext into two halves of 32 bit …

Al-Assam H, Hassan W, Zeadally S (2019) Automated biometric authentication with cloud computing.

<> It is a 16-round Feistel cipher and uses large key-dependent S-boxes. <>

42 0 obj In: 2018 17th IEEE international conference on trust, security and privacy in computing and communications/12th IEEE international conference on big data science and engineering (TrustCom/BigDataSE), pp 16–21, Gaur A, Jain A, Verma A (2017) Analyzing storage and time delay by hybrid blowfish-Md5 technique. �o- It takes a variable-length key, from 32 bits to 448 bits, making it ideal for both domestic and exportable use. . Cloud service providers cannot trust entirely to authorize the services used by the clients. Blowfish is a symmetric block cipher that can be used as a drop-in replacement for DES or IDEA. 5 0 obj

Venkata Koti Reddy Gangireddy 1, Srihari Kannan 1 & Karthik Subburathinam 1 Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (2020)Cite this article. Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. 8 0 obj

<> Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g., Thangapandiyan M, Anand PR, Sankaran KS (2018) Quantum key distribution and cryptography mechanisms for cloud data security. The first implementation of the Blowfish Algorithm in LabVIEW.

IEEE Syst J., Yan Z, Wang M, Li Y, Vasilakos AV (2016) Encrypted data management with deduplication in cloud computing. %PDF-1.4 %������� 2 0 obj 28 0 obj Published by Elsevier Ltd. <> J China Univ Posts Telecommun 19:182–189, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SNS College of Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India, Venkata Koti Reddy Gangireddy, Srihari Kannan & Karthik Subburathinam, You can also search for this author in �WbB O�XV.�nH��0I‹8�/��K/}{{C8K?�]6Qłm��~� ]eɰQ����BÉ}� �y������R <>stream 31 0 obj, Kumari S, Karuppiah M, Das AK, Li X, Wu F, Kumar N (2018) A secure authentication scheme based on elliptic curve cryptography for IoT and cloud servers.

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In: 2017 International conference on intelligent computing and control systems (ICICCS), pp 267–271, Nie T, Song C, Zhi X (2010) Performance evaluation of DES and blowfish algorithms. 2Department of Computer Science, SSESA’s Science College, Congress Nagar, Nagpur (India); ABSTRACT An …


In the recent years, increase in the mobile devices and cloud processing the data stored in the cloud in the form of pictures, messages and texts. [278] To improve the accuracy improved dragonfly algorithm is used. In present scenario we are forced to find more and more secured encryption technique. endobj

The block size is 64 bits, and the key can be any length up to 448 bits.

Peer-review under responsibility of the organizing committee of RAEREST 2016. In structure it resembles CAST-128, which uses fixed S-boxes. (2020)Cite this article.


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