insights secure synopsis nov 2019

You must be defining key terms where ever appropriate, and substantiate with relevant associated facts. This is an all-encompassing directive – you have to debate on paper by going through the details of the issues concerned by examining each one of them. The aim of checks and balances is to safeguard that different branches of government control each other internally (checks) and serve as counter weights to the power possessed by the other branches (balances). Discuss article 53, 74, 75 etc.

Lok Adalat is one of the. BRICS, being one of the pillars of the emerging fairer polycentric world order, plays an important stabilising role in global affairs. Define what Judicial review in Indian constitution means; Judicial review is the power of the judiciary to examine the constitutionality of legislative enactments and executive orders of both the Central and State governments. And if so, in what possible ways? 2) What is separation of powers in the Constitution? In India, not only is there a functional overlapping but there are personnel overlapping also. When no political party or coalition of parties enjoy the majority in Lok Sabha, then the President has discretion in inviting the leader of that party or coalition of parties who in his opinion is able to form a stable government. Highlight that the concept of Lok Adalat (People’s Court) is an innovative Indian contribution to the world jurisprudence. Suggest what needs to be done and how can one overcome this anxiety. This was the consequence of 42nd Constitutional Amendment that drastically curtailed the President’s powers with respect to the Council of Ministers. Guru Nanak traced the progress of the human beings on the path of liberation in five distant phases by attaining five distinct ideals: Doing good works, finally he becomes eligible for the divine grace through which he comes face to face with the divine Truth (sach) and attains liberation. The legislature also reviews the functioning of the executive. Critically analyse the statement with suitable justifications. SECURE SYNOPSIS: 12 NOVEMBER 2019 NOTE: Please remember that following ‘answers’ are NOT ‘model answers’. When ‘critically’ is suffixed or prefixed to a directive, one needs to look at the good and bad of the topic and give a fair judgment. The concept of separation of powers was first coined by Montesquieu in the modern times during French revolution. One organ of the government should not interfere with any other organ of the government. Nanak had played a very dominant role in the Bhakti movement of medieval India. Conclude with need to regulate social media with respect to caste mobilisation factor in a positive direction. Topic:  Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment. Explain otherwise if any incidents exist to prove; situations where President has powers and does not act as a rubber stamp. Post 2015, Sri Lanka still relies heavily on China for Port city project and for continuation of Chinese funded infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka. Next Post Next [Insights into Editorial] National shame: On gender sensitisation. These norms can be: The office of the President should not be conceived as merely a ceremonial post or a rubber stamp. Insights has redefined the way preparation is done in UPSC civil service exam . The current dystopian visions emanating from New Delhi’s unprecedented climate emergency are the singular example of the apathy. Historically, the representation of the subaltern castes in the media has been negligible.

Payroll for small business: What you need to know? In brief narrate why the concept of national security is often emotive in nature. You have to give reasons for both for and against arguments. Generally, a food is classified as junk if it doesn’t offer any or has very little nutritional benefits and is generally high in sugar or fat.

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