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MOLLY [00:07:15] Thanks, Joseph. JENNIFER BELLAMY [00:10:21] Of course, absolutely. Join the ACLU of Illinois this fall for our virtual Voting Rights series in partnership with Weinberg/Newton Gallery. Elections are administered at the county and municipal level throughout the country. Weinberg/Newton Gallery is a non-commercial gallery dedicated to becoming a presenting platform for social justice issues through collaboration with artists and non-profit organizations. RICK [00:01:50] Well, most importantly, we're running an election in the midst of a pandemic. RACHEL [00:07:19] It's not going to look like that in a lot of places in November. MOLLY [00:03:59] Judging from our inbox, there are a lot of people like Thomas who are concerned about election security. There are four states as of right now that have not done all-mail elections, but that are moving to all-mail elections. Just from a sort of logistical and semantics point of view, processing an absentee ballot just takes more time than it does to have somebody who traditionally votes in person. It’s one of those things I don’t ever really get enough of. “The right to vote of all of our young people...” “Belongs to you.” “The machinery of democracy should work for everyone, everywhere.”. On the Navajo Nation, a lot of folks will incentivize people to come out and vote by, you know, having mutton stew and fry bread. In early January, Congress counts the Electoral College votes and declares a winner. Voting by mail might be the safest option for many voters, and more than 83 percent of voters have that option this year. What 428 would do would put a cap so that payday lenders can’t charge over 36 percent. And we would do that maybe once or twice a week to be able to mail out our bills or pick up anything else that might be coming in. ), it’s essential that you update your registration or register to vote. So, come this November, you can imagine that that's going to probably be the vast majority of the work that they do at the polling place in November is actually just going to be processing those absentee ballots. MOLLY [00:12:50] Are you expecting this year that we could also see litigation after the election? MOLLY [00:10:22] So, let's talk about ballot measure 428. I have been on so many calls, and I was up until 2:30 last night working on a legal memo about the issue of voter intimidation. And so, you know, from an election administration viewpoint, what does that tell you about what election night is going to look like nationally, knowing that it's going to be longer in Wisconsin? This election will have an impact on how civil liberties are protected and advanced in our state and country – from the President to local prosecutors, judges and other officials. So that's part of the reason why results may not be ready right away at 8:00 p.m.. Number one: In close elections, the rules really matter. Thirty-six states including Texas have some form of voter ID law in effect. So I know when I lived on the reservation, I am a Diné Kewa Pueblo that we would drive about 55 miles to go get our mail. From poll taxes and grandfather clauses to gerrymandering, voter ID laws, and the mass purging of voter rolls, the disenfranchisement of vulnerable minorities undermines the legitimacy of our elections. 97219 Molly McGrath , Voting Rights Campaign Strategist. And can you talk a little bit in particular about some of the obstacles to voting that folks who live in the tribal areas face when trying to cast a ballot? Follow Molly McGrath on Twitter Bio for Molly McGrath Molly McGrath is a voting rights attorney, advocate, and organizer who currently works in the ACLU’s National Political Advocacy Department where she leads voting rights campaigns across the country. CHRIS WRAY: “I’m Chris Wray, director of the FBI. ALORA [00:19:36] We’re preparing a lot. Featuring: Khadine Bennett, ACLU of Illinois Director of Advocacy and Intergovernmental Affairs; Michelle Hernandez, ACLU of Illinois Advocacy Associate; Molly McGrath, ACLU Voting Rights Campaign Strategist; and Stevie Valles, Chicago Votes Executive Director. And the other thing we learned was that our technology was really bad. INTRO: “The White House, the Congress, the prospect of change.” “The importance of each and every vote.” “Protect and to preserve our voter system.”. The most important thing is to make a voting plan that’s going to work for you. BERNIE SANDERS: “This is the most consequential election.” NEWS ANCHOR: “The single biggest choice election in modern American history.”. The poll worker hands you your ballot, you fill it out and then you put it in the tabulator. If you don’t have time before, haven’t received your ballot or just like the tradition, you can head to your local polling place on Election Day.

Blacklands Wiltshire, England, Roxana Analysis, Pedro Pascal Partner, Conference Papers Examples, Lego Architecture White House, Red Dead Revolver Pc Size, Sue Johnston Heartland,