online homeschool arizona

Parents have much more to choose from than typical textbooks, workbooks, and other traditional schooling methods. Any student in grades K–12 who resides in Arizona is eligible to enroll in Arizona Connections Academy (ACA). The parent or guardian must file a one-time affidavit of intent to homeschool with the county school superintendent within 30 days after beginning to homeschool in the county. The choice is yours! Eventually, parents come to realize that mixing different tools and activities usually keeps their children stimulated and eager to learn. That’s what parents repeatedly say about ACA’s teachers in the hundreds of daily evaluations submitted since we opened our doors in 2005. Enter a course name, school type and location: 1017 South Gilbert Road, Mesa, Arizona , USA.
Online public schools in Arizona are a great option for families who require more flexibility than traditional schooling can offer. Homeschoolers in Arizona have access to many different resources in Arizona. Power Homeschool is an online curriculum program for K-12 students, providing a variety of courses in math, language arts and reading, science, social studies, foreign languages, and many different electives. Yet, with all that to look forward to, we know you might still have concerns and may be wondering, “just how does homeschooling work in Arizona?”.
Time4Learning is a convenient, online homeschool curriculum that combines education with interactive fun. Students throughout Arizona are thriving at Arizona Connections Academy (ACA), a tuition-free online public school. Although homeschoolers in Arizona aren’t required by law to complete standardized testing, many families appreciate the opportunity to evaluate how their homeschooler is progressing in comparison with other students at his or her grade level. When deciding to homeschool, most parents wonder how to even get started and whether they’ll have enough resources to successfully home educate their children. Privacy Policy, Arizona Standardized Testing and Test Prep, Why Time4Learning is the Leading Homeschool Curriculum in Arizona, How to Build the Best Homeschool Curriculum for PreK-12 in Arizona, Everything you need to know about getting started, Trusted homeschool solution for over 1 million families, Help your children master difficult concepts and improve their grades, Submit a notarized affidavit of intent to homeschool to the county school superintendent within 30 days of starting to homeschool, Choose the best homeschool curriculum mix for each student you will be homeschooling. Knowledgeable. State Certified Teachers: Our professional and experienced homeschool tutors also teach PSAT, SAT, ACT and other standardized test preparation to help improve your child's performance in these important exams.

Several examples of homeschool support groups in Arizona include: Arizona East Valley Homeschoolers - Personalized instructional programs and continuous progress tracking. New Arizona legislation signed by the Governor in July 2009 removes all previous restrictions on the number and type of students who may attend Arizona Connections Academy. Although the AFHE is a faith-based association, memberships are open to all homeschoolers in the state.

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