what not to eat in bulgaria

You cannot leave Bulgaria without eating these foods!

Made with ❤ in Europe by Patricia and Sandoche, Paschalis Tsolakidis and Sofia Charalampidou. What are the most typical and traditional Bulgarian dishes? What should you eat in Bulgaria?

Here is the list of the Best Bulgarian Food & Cuisine that you should try before you die. Byurek peppers are filled with cheese. Delicious Moussaka, having potatoes and minced meat, poured with yoghurt based sauce, then grilled, this dishes increases the chances a man to marry you if you know how to prepare it. The chicken fillet was flat as cardboard and tasted like it - cooked so long it no longer resembled meat. Stuffed grape leaves is a popular starter in Bulgarian cusine. Pork and chicken are the most common forms of meat, though seafood, fish and veal dishes are also popular and lamb has a special traditional place in Bulgarian cooking. Some are so small that you can eat everything as a hole and leave only the head(or not). It is a strong brandy, usually from plums or grap…

Although you needn’t be too nervous about them, they’re tasty, a little spicy, but not enough to send you running.

It is very common in all countries around Bulgaria, for example Greece. Fresh lamb continues to be seasonal. While many of the staples of Bulgarian cuisine you would also find in Turkey, Greece or Serbia, in Bulgaria each of those has its … We start straight from the hard drinks but in Bulgaria rakia is more popular to drink than water, especially in smaller towns and villages. It is most often used to season meat, beans and potato dishes. It is made from chopped cucumbers, yoghurt, garlic dill and water. Guvech or Gyuvech is a bulgarian dish always served in ceramic pots, this dish is made from meat, chopped tomatoes, cheese, paprika and cooked eggs on the top. Did we miss any good dish?

The “fresh” fish tasted more like the frozen microwave ones you buy at the supermarket, and it was a completely differe… Beef dishes are usually referred to as teleshko (veal) and can be a bit tough.

Written by Georgi Karavasilev, Bulgarian Software Developer born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria .

A version without meat is also served on the table on Christmas Eve. They become nervous with the addition of hot red pepper. This aromatic spice is used both fresh and dried. Let us know in the comments! Turkey did not exist when Bulgaria was established. By Paschalis Tsolakidis and Sofia Charalampidou.

Bulgarians adopted Christianity centuries before the country was invaded by the Ottomans. The Shkembet tripe soup is usually made from cow's tripe, this dish is very common among the restaurants in Bulgaria. The Kiselo Mlyako Yogurt (Soured milk) is thicker and more soured than the greek yoghurt, it is served alongside traditional dishes. The combination between Moussaka and Yougurt is amazing. Many Bulgarians use the dish for hangover cure. Bulgarian food is tasty, fresh and hearty. What should you eat in Bulgaria?

Steak House National – South Sunny Beach- The only restaurant in Sunny Beach where we actually refused to eat and pay for our meals. Banitsa is a traditional Bulgarian dish made from layers of filo pastry, eggs and cheese. Rakia or Rakija is one is not a dish but a hightly alcoholic drink. One of the Bulgarian dishes we most liked was fried Sprat and Scads. Of course, rakia is a must on every party.

You cannot leave Bulgaria without eating these foods! Tarator soup is a very poppular summer refresher. Sign up to our newsletter and receive delicious food from amazing countries from time to time. The plate of vegetables we ordered for the kids came out half a plate of microwaved frozen vegetables that looked nothing like the photo in the menu. Made from minced meat, grape leaves, rice and herbs, this meal serves as an apetite booster during dinners.

Basil also has a special place in Bulgarian cuisine. It is sprikled with powdered sugar. They are small fishes involved in egg and flour and deep fried, like tempura. Tikvenik has the main idea of banitsa but filled with thin slices of pumpkin and walnuts. Byurek peppers are almost similar – they are rather fried than baked.

No one in Bulgaria can imagine bean soup without spearmint. Stuffed peppers with minced meat and rice (again) is also very popular dish in Bulgaria.

In Portugal, we have a similar plate called Joaquimzinhos. It is served on special occasions and during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. It is made from all kinds of fruits. Paprika, milk and oil are also part of the recipe.

Not to be confused with the greeck Tzatziki, which is more for dipping. You simply must try nervous meatballs.

Bulgarians do not have a strong beef-eating culture so most main course dishes are chicken or pork-based. It is a custom to add a small figure or a corn seed inside and nowadays people often add small sheets of paper with wishes. Many people produce it themselves and do not imagine a dinner without a glass of rakia. Usually, the alcoholic percentage is around 40 but when produced by our own, it often goes beyond that number. In Bulgaria, meatballs are called kiufte and are a mix of beef and pork with breadcrumbs and onions.

What to Eat in Bulgaria. You’ll find a great version of them at the Eagles Nest Restaurant in the main square in Bansko. It is not only used as seasoning, but according to folk medicine it helps cure digestive and kidney diseases.

What are the most typical and traditional Bulgarian dishes? Although the general advice would be to avoid veal, the quality of meat served in the better restaurants is very acceptable. Here is the list of the Best Bulgarian Food & Cuisine that you should try before you die. Bulgaria is famous for its quality vegetables and dairy products and its variety of mild spices. Bulgarians are an ethnic mix of Tracians, Slavs, and ancient Bulgarian tribes that established their Country including the ethnoses that lived on the territory of current boundaries of Bulgaria. Written by Georgi Karavasilev, Bulgarian Software Developer born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

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