winx club bloom fairy outfits

Bloom's hair becomes thicker and a darker shade of red while her wings become dentate and cyan with gray tips. Her wings are mainly blue with the top part pink and closer to the center is pink also. ENG In continuation of the Enchantix Cards set. She also wears light blue gloves around her arms from elbow to wrist and wears a small golden tiara with rounded points at the top of her head. Games Movies TV Video ... Fairy Dust; Winx Club - Episode 301; Winx Club - Episode 302; Winx Club - Episode 303; Winx Club - Episode 304 ; Winx Club - Episode 305; Characters. Her wings resemble fins, and she wears a blue armband with a pink flower on her wrist. Bloom's Sophix consists of a light blue turtleneck and heart cord with detached violet sleeves, green leaf armwarmers, cyan wrist length gloves, medium blue skirt and fluorescent green high-heels. Log in or register to post comments; Comments. Her still-sparkling Winx outfit is somewhat dark blue instead of the usual cyan. on 23 August, 2020 - 15:44 Wriath writes. Her eyes are almost normal except for turning yellow.

(HD). Winx Club Season 3 Winx Transformation 4KIDSTV Version HD! Her hair has also grown several inches in length and has seemed to earn a much more tame, elegant look and style. RUS В п... Bianca Enchantix Card. The dress splits at a side/the front of her waist reveling a pale blue fabric underneath; there is a bow that goes around the dress where the split begins. The tiara becomes silver and pointed, and the brooch on her shirt turns into diamond-shape dark purple one. Bloom's Charmix is a silver heart pin with a gold jewel, and a furry pink heart bag at her waist. She officially earned her full Enchantix in the Winx Club movie, Secret of the Lost Kingdom. on 6 February, 2017 - 14:49 Cocopanda writes. Her special power? Her hair has also grown several inches in length and has seemed to earn a much tamer, elegant look and style. Cymphonique Miller ft. Winx Club - Winx You're Magic Now! I like Bloom's outfit the best, the shirt is awesome. on 5 February, 2017 - 18:47 Snowyglam writes. Her wings are fluorescent green with cyan edges. Bloom's Lovix consists of a light, regular, and soft pink fuzzy version of her Believix outfit, with long sleeves, fuzzy shoulder pads, and fuzzy stripes on her skirt. She wears a light-blue dress that is ruffled with dark blue strings around the dress. In the Nickelodeon version (The Shadow Phoenix special), Dark Bloom wears the gothic clothing style - she wears navy black leggings and her outfit only changes color. She has also discarded her cyan colored boots and dons strappy, barefoot sandals that are decorated with three hearts, and wears two sets of blue, heart shaped barrettes on either side of her head in addition to earrings of the same color and shape. Most of her outfit is Navy Blue with pantyhose added to the outfit.

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